Dr Made Mantle Hood

BA (University of Maryland), MA (University of Hawaii), Dr Phil (University of Cologne)

Honorary Fellow

Made Mantle Hood finished his doctoral dissertation (summa cum laude) at the University of Cologne in 2005 on Balinese temple music before becoming a lecturer in ethnomusicology and Indonesian Studies. While studying in Cologne he was the recipient of both a one-year Fulbright and two-year DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) scholarships. He was awarded a research assistantship at the Berlin Phonogram Archive documenting and analysing early field recordings from Indonesia and as a result, published a CD and 88-page booklet entitled Lestari: The Hood Collection/Java (Berlin: Wergo SM 1712-2). Recently he has presented research papers on musical diversity and the negotiation of traditions at international conferences including the Society for Ethnomusicology, the Association for Asian Studies and the Musicological Society of Australia.

In 2010, his book entitled Triguna: a Hindu-Balinese Philosophy for Gamelan Gong Gede Music was published by Lit Verlag Press in Muenster. More than a third of the book is a semantic analysis and hermeneutic interpretation of ritual song titles in the Balinese, Javanese and Kawi languages. The remainder of the book incorporates ethnography, philosophy and musical analysis in order to examine the social context and musical praxis of Bali’s largest gamelan orchestra of bronze gongs and percussion and the most wide-spread repertoire on the island.

Hood served on several administrative boards and organizing committees during his six-year tenure at Monash University including member of the Academic Board co-chaired by the Vice Chancellor, Executive Committee member of the School of Music, as well as Postgraduate and Honours Coordinator. Hood wrote, revised and had approved, the peer-reviewed proposal for the first Performance PhD program at the School of Music. He has also sat on Academic Progress committees and currently serves on the External Advisory Board of the Bachelor of Music at NMIT. Hood is Secretary of the International Council for Traditional Music’s Southeast Asian Performing Arts sub-group and the Chair of this group’s 2012 meeting in Manila, Philippines.

Research Interests

Musical diversity; hybridity; ritual musics/philosophy; media and performance in Southeast Asia; applied ethnomusicology; traditional and contemporary Javanese/Balinese gamelan performance.


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Conference Presentations

2010 - ‘Defending the Dialect: Cologne Carnival and the Loss Mer Singe Song Contest’. Annual Meeting of the Soceity for Ethnomusicology, Los Angeles USA.

2010 - ‘Negotiating the Archives: Preserving and Publishing Central Javanese Gamelan Field Recordings” in ICTM PASEA Study Group, Singapore

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2008 - ‘The Arts and National Identity in the Twenty-First Century’ panel participant, East-West Center International Conference, Indonesia.

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