Music Therapy

Head of Music Therapy

Associate Professor Katrina Skewes McFerran

Associate Professor and ARC Future Fellow Felicity Baker

Lecturer Music Therapy, Coordinator of Blended Learning

Dr Grace Thompson

Post doctoral fellow music therapy

Dr Jeanette Tamplin

Coordinator of Clinical Training

Mr Jason Kenner

Tutor Music Therapy

Ms Imogen Clark


The music therapy course at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music was established in 1978, and was the first offered in Australia. We draw on our long history and extensive background to equip you with the skills and knowledge to forge a successful career in music therapy.

The course is offered as a Master’s of Music Therapy (by coursework), and enables you to be eligible for Registration with the Australian Music Therapy Association.

The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music also offers training in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (BMGIM), with a 1-year Certificate and 2-year part time Graduate Diploma in BMGIM that leads to Fellowship with the Association for Music and Imagery in the USA and Registration with the Music and Imagery Association of Australia. These courses are recognised by PACFA (the Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia).

Graduate research and coursework degrees in music therapy are available at Masters and PhD level.



Notable recent guests

Professor Tony Wigram (Aalborg University, Denmark); Professor Cheryl Dileo (Temple University Philadelphia, USA); Professor Brynjulf Stige (University of Bergen); Professor Barbara Wheeler (University of Louisville, USA); Dr Robert Krout (Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas).

Notable alumni

Dr Ruth Bright (nee Ockenden, 1953) has authored 13 books on music therapy and co-founded the Australian Music Therapy Association. Graduates of the music therapy course include Dr Clare O’Callaghan (Honorary Assoc Prof in the Faculty of Medicine, Peter McCallum Hospital), Prof Jane Edwards (Head of Music Therapy, Limerick University, Ireland), Prof Sue Hadley (Head of Music Therapy, Slippery Rock University Philadelphia, USA), Dr Tony Meadows (Head of Music Therapy, Immaculata University, Philadelphia, USA), Dr Felicity Baker (Head of Music Therapy, University of Queensland), and Dr Alan Lem (Head of Music Therapy, University of Western Sydney).