A music degree not only provides pre-professional music training, it also develops professional skills in fields such as:

  • Creative thinking through the many performance-based activities
  • Teamwork and leadership through playing in ensembles and organising rehearsals and performances
  • Critical thinking, analysis and problem solving through assessment tasks in music history and theory subjects
  • Communication through written and spoken presentations in many subjects
  • Intercultural understanding and sensitivity through contact with the culturally diverse student population.

Students at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music will experience ‘real-world’ performance conditions, establish relationships and develop networks that will last a lifetime. Music students graduate as well-grounded and versatile creative cultural producers, trained to explore the space between existing ideas and originality in music making.

Because a single career pathway for a musician is rare, students are equipped with the skills to develop a multifaceted working life, ranging from professional solo and ensemble performances to music administration, classroom and studio teaching, and music journalism.

Music graduates occupy leadership roles in the music industry within Australia and internationally, pursuing careers as performers, conductors, orchestra members, composers and researchers. Many graduates also occupy roles in related fields as music agents and managers, administrators, music wholesalers and retailers, festival and event producers, accompanists, academics, composers for theatre and film, studio teachers, audio recording and audio mixing engineers, producers and music reviewers or critics.

A musician’s ‘portfolio career’ may include many of the common career options, including:

  • Accompanist
  • Audio technician
  • Chamber musician
  • Classroom music teacher
  • Commercial arranger
  • Composer
  • Concert agent
  • Concert manager
  • Instrumental music teacher
  • Music administrator
  • Music critic/reviewer
  • Music editor
  • Music researcher
  • Music therapist
  • Music tutor/lecturer
  • Music wholesaler or retailer
  • Opera company/chorus member
  • Orchestral musician
  • Orchestrator
  • Sessional musician for film, television, live shows and recording sessions
  • Specialist performance teaching
  • Touring soloist or ensemble member

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